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The Research and Consultancy Channel

The firm prides itself in robust pragmatic research, and this is premised on this Channel’s competence and diligence. This Channel is the research hub of the firm, and also oversees the consultancy portal.

The Research and Consultancy Channel comes up with the firm’s developmental thesis in view of new practice areas and contemporary legal issues, to ensure that the firm remains receptive to the ever growing demands of the Client. Moreover, this Channel conducts Legislative Drafting.

The Consultancy limb takes consultancy briefs, and proffers legal opinions and reports, predicated on thorough research. It offers general legal advice and opinions to clients on diverse legal issues.

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The Litigation and Constitutional Channel

This Channel ensures a seamless interaction between the Research Team and Court. Each case is specifically and expansively researched upon, and on the foundation of the research, pleadings are drawn.

This Channel makes use of all tools required to present cases in court. The firm holds it distinctively imperative to be in conduct of the Client’s matter in the most professional way, through timely attendance of court, maximum diligence.

The firm also litigates on behalf of the public, in furtherance to the Constitution’s provisions on right of institution of suits (locus standi), while being available to offer Legal Aid when need be.

The practice areas under this channel include: Electoral Law, Criminal Law; Labour and Employment Law; Public Interest Litigation; Commercial Contract Disputes; Family and Children Laws; Oil and Gas Law; Tax Law; Intellectual Property Law; Sports Law; International Human Rights Law; Gender Law; Judicial Review; and Pro Bono Litigation Scheme.


The Conveyancing and Commercial Briefs Channel

This Channel deals with construction of legal Conveyancing and Commercial Law instruments, including Commercial Agreements, Guarantees, Charges, Leases, Chattel Mortgages, Transfers, Licenses and other security documents.

The undertakings of this Channel include reviewing and drafting all kinds of Sale Agreements. It also deals with registration of Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships and sole proprietorships. It also offers services towards incorporation of Companies, Registration of not-profit-organizations like charitable trusts, societies, churches, Non-Governmental Organizations and foundations.

Additionally, the Conveyancing and Commercial Briefs Channel handles Real Estate Development, Joint Venture Agreements, Commercial Law, Immigration Law (including processing work permits and passes for foreign investors and expatriate employees), Business Registration, Share Deals and Corporate Restructuring.